Periodontology is the branch of dental science that deals with the supporting structures of the teeth. The longevity of the dentition and the maintenance of its health depend upon proper periodontal management, involving routine dental check up and prophylaxis. Periodontal surgical treatment procedures such as flap surgeries and bone regenerative techniques using grafts and membranes are routinely carried out in the Department of Periodontics. Perioaesthetics is attained though various plastic procedures such as mucogingival surgeries, gingivoplasty, periodontal microsurgery etc. The surgical placement of implants is a comparatively new field that involves replacement of lost teeth with a bone integrating implant device The Department of Periodontics provides didactic and clinic instruction in Periodontology at the undergraduate and and the postgraduate levels.. The training is adjusted to the level of competency of the student. The clinical areas of instruction include periodontal examination, diagnosis, treatment planning, case presentation and communication, therapies, and outcome assessments in otherwise healthy as well as medically compromised patients..