Public Health Dentistry

Preventive and Community Dentistry is one of the important branches in Dentistry, which is concerned with prevention and control of dental diseases and promoting dental care through organised community efforts. The Department primarily deals with prevention of oral diseases by creating awareness among masses through health education programmes.

The Department is actively involved in rendering dental treatment to the poor and needy, who do not have access to dental care. It conducts free dental treatment camps providing basic dental treatment and distribution of free medicine to the needy. The Department collaborates with voluntary organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in various community activities.

Healthy children are the future of the country. Children have to bear the brunt of oral diseases at an early stage. In order to spread the message of oral health, the Department conducts school dental health programmes, which involves screening of children and providing health education. The Department also has 2 Rural Dental Centers

  • * To influence public health policy and to advance oral health by supplying the necessary resources and initiatives.
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  • * To promote oral health improvement for all, especially for those in need and vulnerable groups.
  • * The department strives to advance the science and practice of conservative dentistry and endodontics through innovative research and the development of new techniques and technologies.
  • * To enhance the oral health quality of life related to public health.


  • * Community-Centered Care: The department values a strong commitment to serving the community's oral health needs. This includes a focus on preventive and promotive dental care initiatives, outreach programs, and partnerships with local communities to improve overall oral health.
  • * Evidence-Based Practice: The department places a high emphasis on evidence-based dentistry, ensuring that all clinical and educational activities are grounded in the latest scientific research and best practices in public health dentistry.
  • * Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Collaboration with other healthcare disciplines and departments is a core value. This involves working together with medical professionals, public health experts, and community organizations to address oral health as an integral part of overall health.
  • * Ethical and Culturally Competent Care: Providing ethical and culturally sensitive dental care is a fundamental value. This includes respecting patients' diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and values while upholding the highest ethical standards in patient care and research.