Oral Medicine & Radiology

Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology is concerned with the diagnosis and comprehensive medical management of diseases localised in the mouth, oral manifestations of systemic diseases and head and neck region. The Department is also actively involved in the prevention, detection and management of oral precancerous lesions and conditions, temporomandibular disorders, diagnosis of traumatic injuries and other bone disorders. In this Department, the students will be trained in the systematic evaluation of the patients. The activity of the Department is coordinated by well-qualified and competent full-time faculty, who are well-reputed in their respective fields of expertise.

Apart from the routine diagnostic equipment, a well-equipped Dental Radiology Department is attached to the department. The radiology section possesses state-of-the-art diagnostic modalities such as intraoral and extraoral X-ray machines, including orthopantomography unit with cephalostat attachment and RVG unit.

The Department adopts innovative teaching methods to impart quality education and hands-on training in patient care for the students. Faculty members are actively participating in basic and applied s research and provide students instruction and guidance in research..