VIGYAN, Research wing KDC is the centre for managing all research related activities in the institution. Our research wing encourages the faculty and students to actively engage in research to expand the boundaries of knowledge and build on discoveries to enhance the quality of human life. The institution has a research heritage with over 500 publications in various per reviewed international journals and a b ov e 1200 citations.

Core Committee
  • * Patron – Dr. Arun Narayanan(Principal)
  • * President – Dr. Faizal C P
  • * Vice President – Dr. MuhammedFeroz T P
  • * Secretary – Dr. PrathimaSreenivasan
  • * Joint Secretary – Dr. Dimla Denny. C
  • * Treasurer – Dr. Deepthi V

Advisory Committee Members
  • * Dr. Hashim Ali
  • * Dr. Sreejith V P
  • * Dr. Naushad M C
  • * Dr. A V Sreekumar
  • * Dr. Nishna Pradeep
  • * Dr. M K Ram
  • * Dr. Mohammed Arshad
  • * Dr. Vijay Sylvester
  • * Dr. Anish Sebastian
  • * Dr. Anand K S
  • * Dr. Ushass P
  • * Dr. Soni Kottayi
  • * Dr. Johar Rajvindher Singh

VIGYAN operates through the co-ordinated activities of
  • 1. Scientific research committee
  • 2. Institutional ethics committee


The SRC shall review all types of research proposals involving human participants with a view to safeguard the dignity, rights and safety of all research participants prior to approval. The SRC shall ensure that all the cardinal principles of research ethics are taken care of throughout the conduct of proposed research. For this purpose, it will look into the aspects of research protocol, in particular the selection of participants, voluntary participation of potential participants, informed consent process, risk benefit ratio, maintenance of privacy and confidentiality and provisions for appropriate compensations. SRC shall provide approval to the research protocol and forward to the institutional ethical committee after ensuring the scientific soundness of the proposed topic.


Chairman: Dr. Arun Narayanan (Principal)

  • * Dr.Faizal C.P. (Secretary)
  • * Dr.Prathima Sreenivasan
  • * Dr. Vijay Sylvester
  • * Dr.Soni
  • * Dr.Sreejith V.P.
  • * Dr.MuhammedFeroz
  • * Dr. A. V. Sreekumar
  • * Dr.Nishna Pradeep
  • * Dr.Anand
  • * Dr.Noushad M.C.
  • * Dr.Aneesh Sebastian
  • * Dr.Hashim Ali
  • * Dr. M.K. Ram
  • * Dr. Arshad
  • * Dr.Dimla Denny C
  • * Dr.Deepthi V


Research is one of the prime agendas of our institution. Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC KDC),is provisionally registered under National Ethics Committee Registry for Biomedical and Health Research (NECRBHR) Department of Health Research (DHR) under Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Govt. of India (EC/NEW/INST/2023/3476). IEC KDC shall scrutinize all research activities carried out by students and faculty members of this campus for their ethical issues and shall ensure the conduct of research activities abide by the latest ethical guidelines. The IEC KDC shall be organized and operated following the regulations specified in Schedule Y of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, the International Council for Harmonization's Good Clinical Practices, and the ICMR regulations.

  • * LT. COL. DR.PPVENUGOPALAN - Chair Person
  • * Dr. PRATHIMASREENIVASAN – Member Secretary
  • * Dr. FaizalC P – Scientific Member – Alt Member Secretary(Dual Role)
  • * Dr. T Ramesan - Basic Medical Scientist
  • * Dr. Jasemine S - Basic Medical Scientist
  • * Dr. Noushad M C – Clinician
  • * Dr. Sreejith V P – Clinician
  • * Mr. Gireeshan K K–SocialScientist
  • * Mr.Manoharan Puthiya Purayil - Legal Expert
  • * Mr. Ali K T - Lay Person